06 Aug 2014

4 Things About a Full Service Florist Your Spouse Wants You To Know

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4 Things About a Full Service Florist Your Spouse Wants You To Know

When it comes to dropping hints about what flowers your spouse wants to receive, are you a little slow on up the uptake? There’s a helpful tool you have at your disposal to make sure that you always get the flowers and items they want. That tool? Your local full service florist. No one is more knowledgeable about plants than your florist, so you’ll want to use them as your ace in helping to get exactly the right flowers for your spouse. Here are four ways your florist can help you always pick out the right flowers:

  1. Trust your full service florist to create an arrangement that your spouse will loveThey Know What Flowers Your Spouse Likes – If your spouse shops at your local florist, there’s no doubt that they are familiar with her and knows what she likes and doesn’t like to receive. Florists can also help you to learn what plants are called so that you can clearly identify it the next time you’re shopping there (or anywhere else!). It’s a guaranteed key to always keeping your spouse happy and surprised. The other added benefit of using a full service florist is they can keep track of what you’ve purchased before so you can continue purchasing it if the response is positive.
  2. Your Florist understands About Plants and Allergies – If you can’t seem to pick flowers for your spouse without making him sneeze, you definitely need the professional help of a full-service florist. They know all about flowers and what types of allergens they have (including what exacerbates hay fever, asthmatics and more). They can also feed you a few tips about what to purchase based on what your spouse is allergic to, so that way, instead of sneezing you hear “These are great …and they don’t make me sneeze! You’re so thoughtful!”.
  3. Trust your local florist with your floral design decisionsA Full Service Florist Will Deliver – And this is worth its weight in gold. Don’t trust delivery to the big corporate giants who have standard practices in delivering (some of them even charge you extra depending on where you want to send your flowers!). A personal delivery goes much further and that’s when you call in your local full-service florist. They can keep payment methods on file and deliver locally and far away, even if your spouse is out of town. Simply make the call, order your spouse’s favorite flowers and prepare for an excited response when he receives flowers even if he’s out of town!
  4. You can trust their design decisions: Full-service florists are great at making floral design decisions based on what you’re looking to communicate to your spouse. For instance, if you want something pretty, they may use more pastel colored flowers. If your spouse has had a tough day and you want to encourage her, they may use brighter colors like oranges and yellows. Your local full-service florist will have a knack for knowing exactly what to arrange. Just give them a price range and let them get creative in building a completely unique arrangement that is sure to wow, impress and cheer her up!

One of the perks of your florist being full-service means that they'll remember what you've ordered in the past and be that much quicker in meeting your needsNow that you’re convinced that your local Richmond, Indiana full-service florist is the ideal tool when it comes to buying your spouse flowers, it’s time to get to work! Stop by and order your first arrangement of flowers today to start a relationship with your local florist. Your honey’s reaction to getting the perfect flowers will more than make it worth the time you spend in making friends with a florist!