27 Aug 2014

How to Solve Your Lawn’s Biggest Problems With Landscape Services

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How to Solve Your Lawn’s Biggest Problems With Landscape Services

You’ve got a problem with your lawn and you don’t know how to go about fixing it. Not to worry! Whether your issue is with the design, the plants or the landscaper himself, here’s our no-nonsense guide on how to fix your lawn’s biggest problems.

A good landscape service provider will listen to your issues and work with you to fix them.Firstly, before there are any problems with your lawn, you want to make sure that you take the time to meet with your landscape designer or whomever is providing your landscape services. Make your ideas and expectations clear from the start as this will help both of you understand what the outcome of working together will and should be. Review the context of your design as well as what you want the finished product to look like. Your landscape designer and you should work together in drawing up a plan and a design for success that accounts for all of the elements above.

If you’re past that design stage and you already have encountered problems, it’s time to address the issues that have arisen. Don’t let them fester and expand into even bigger problems that will be harder to fix. If you made an original plan or design, refer back to that in collaborating with your landscape designer and talk about how it differs from what is currently being done. Discussing these issues can help you get back to the original design and can bring up ways to resolve the issues you’re dealing with now.

If your plants aren't working for you in your new landscape design, get rid of them and try again!Now that you’ve addressed your issues, it’s time to stop your problems in their tracks so that they don’t crop back up. Be honest with your designer about your current hopes, expectations, and disappointments with the current reality of your landscape. Hoping that things will work themselves out is not a great strategy. You need to ‘nip it in the bud’ so to speak and make any problems or hesitations known.

You also want to be logical and dispasstionate when addressing these issues. For instance, if certain plants or plantings are the issue then don’t keep them! Remove them, come up with a new design to replace them and start over. Keep these notes for the next version of your planting cycle so that you can understand where you started from and how your plants should look as they continue to blossom and grow.

Our best piece of advice here is work with your landscaper instead of against them to address any problems you have. This is the easiest way to make sure that you are satisfied and that the job is successfully completed. Communication is the key; if something is wrong, don’t be afraid to address it. Refusing to do so could put the aesthetic design of your lawn – and your enjoyment of outdoor living – in jeopardy.