23 Jul 2014

What The World Would Be Like if Full Service Florists Didn’t Exist

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If Full Service Florists Didn’t Exist

Oh, full service florists of Richmond, Indiana…how we love you so! Without you, there’s no doubt that our lives would certainly be turned upside down by the important people in our lives that we forgot to recognize during many of life’s special occasions. A florist is so much more than someone who just delivers flowers. They are the coordinators of life’s special moments. They make it easy for us to say the things we want to say and to recognize the important things. So what would a world be like if full service florists didn’t exist?

Weddings would look boring without full service florists creating the floral arrangements

We’d Sure Miss A Lot of Special Occasions – Oh boy. We’re scared already thinking of how far in the doghouse we’d be without our Richmond, Indiana florists. There’d be a lot of broken hearts, a lot of crying and a lot of us sleeping on the couch. Flowers have become an important part of anniversary celebrations and without them, there’d be fewer, or at least drearier, ways to show the ones closest to us how important they are. Speaking of that, we know a lot of moms would be upset. No flowers on Mother’s Day? That’s a tough pill to swallow. Or imagine showing up to your prom or wedding without a corsage or floral arrangement? When you think about it like this, florists really do play a significant part in our celebration of special occasions.

Life is a whole lot easier when you have our florists working for you!

No Way to Convey Our Respect or Appreciation – Flowers help us show our love and appreciation to others. Whether it’s to recognize our administrative assistants, to honor a coworker who is moving on to a new position, there would be something missing if flowers weren’t a part of that celebration. What would you give your daughter after her senior year dance recital? And there’s no doubt you’d miss the holiday plants around the hearth. A full-scale florist is there when you need to show respect and appreciation to the people who bring joy to your life.

Florists in Richmond Indiana create beautiful bouquets

Think of All The Unaddressed Wrongs – Without a full-service florist, the lifesaving “I screwed up” bouquet wouldn’t exist…and that’s not cool with us. Flowers help men say the things they want so desperately say but are unable to if fear or ego gets in the way. Our girls know what we mean when we hand them a bouquet of flowers – and we do, too. Flowers are a way for us to say we’re sorry, and we’re not ready to give that up. Flowers also make for a great last minute gift, whether it’s for a housewarming, a baby shower or even a birthday. Without flowers, we’d have no way to show other people that we want to observe their significant moments and help them indulge in it.

So there you have it! Our world would be a lesser place without local Richmond, Indiana full service florists. With our florists, our world is filled with better, brighter celebrations and allows us to make life richer for those around us! Don’t overlook the importance of your local florist and their ability to make a difference in someone’s life, especially the people that make a difference in yours.